Availability: CLOSED until further notice. Be safe out there!

Our unique lodging is situated in the middle of historic Seldovia, Alaska, overlooking scenic Susan Lake, home to blue herons, buffle heads, Barrow’s goldeneye, other waterfowl, and the occasional neighbor kid.

We’re just half a mile’s stroll from downtown and the Seldovia Boat Harbor. We also offer rainy day airport or harbor pick-up if needed and a ride is available.

Laid Back In…Seldovia offers a relaxed measure of solitude for those of you seeking a temporary escape to a simpler life. But remember, Seldovia is a doorway to adventure for the more active traveler. It’s truly the get-away spot of your dreams.


Neither of our facilities are child-proof nor are they fully accessible: there are gravel paths and outdoor stairs. Off-street parking for your private vehicle is available at both the main house and Annex.

Laid Back In… is a smoke-free and pet-free facility out of deference to people’s allergies.

We also ask that you keep the indoors apple-free because the ol’ guy can’t breath around apples. Bring them, but zip-locked, and eat them outside.
In keeping with the Laid Back spirit, we are also TV-free.